Clean Energy Alternatives Inc.

Demonstration of New Technologies and Alternative Building Materials – VSBK/HSBK Technology {Contract Package # DOE- S09}

The Department of Environment (DOE) is implementing the Clean Air and Sustainable Environment (CASE) project with the assistance of IDA. One of the core objectives of the project is to gradually transform the Bangladesh brick sector in to a more energy efficient and modern in terms of technology and production practices so as to abate air pollution as well as to strengthen the institutional, legal and regulatory framework. The other objective is to derive co-benefits by reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions from brick sector at the same time. The operative concept of the project was to redesign and, if necessary or expedient, replace the existing older kiln technologies with affordable new small-scale kiln technologies. Under the CASE project, the DOE has hired the services of Clean Energy Alternatives Inc. (CEA) in concortium with the Xian Research and Design Institute of wall and roof materials (XIAN), China for piloting demonstration of energy efficient, modern and cleaner Improved Zig-Zag kiln and Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln (VSBK)/Horizontal Shaft Brick Kiln (HSBK) technologies. CEA is working in close cooperation as their local partner assisting in the execution of field-based activities of these assignments.

The objectives of these consultancies are to demonstrate cleaner technologies in the Brick Sector by piloting 7 (Seven) Zig-Zag kilns and 7 (Seven) VSBKs/ 5 (Five) HSBKs preferably in multiple divisions of Bangladesh with close cooperation and participation of the brick entrepreneurs. The central notion of the project was that the consultant would assess the efficacy of the existing Zig-Zag technology in terms of its energy intensity and polluting impacts and to propose design and operational changes to it to reduce energy use and improve emissions from the kilns. Key target of these projects is to propose the design and practice improvement of the existing Zig-Zag to achieve the target of emission reduction by 50% and energy consumption by 30% and also establish VSBKs/HSBKs which usually have 30-40% energy efficiency compared to the traditional FCKs.

The activities can be broadly divided into 4 major tasks or steps: i) develop a model bankable proposal for financing VSBK/HSBK and facilitate to mobilize bank financing for 7 demonstration VSBK/ 5 demonstration HSBK; ii) pilot demonstration of 7 demonstration VSBK kilns/ 5 demonstration HSBK kilns preferably in multiple divisions with technical monitoring; iii) conduct training of 50 technical persons (Engineer, Fireman, Masons etc) for VSBK/HSBK design, construction, operation and troubleshooting; and iv) prepare knowledge products and systems (i.e., equipment supply chain and consultancy services etc.) to support the dissemination of the improved processes and technologies used.

Funded By:

Clean Air and Sustainable Development (CASE) Project, Department of Environment (DoE), Bangladesh

Implementation Period:

March, 2012 to March 2014 (Extension up to June 2016)