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Demonstration of New Technologies and Alternative Building Materials – Zigzag Kiln Technology {Contract Package # DOE- S09 (a)}

Bricks are the main building material in Bangladesh. Despite its importance, the technology employed by the industry continues to remain outdated, energy-intensive and highly polluting. The vast majority, almost 95%, continue to use the Fixed Chimney technology which is a version of the Bulls Trench Kiln technology. These kilns are open roofed and poorly constructed and they leak everywhere, through the kiln walls, the open roofs and the chimneys. They are not only smokers, but highly polluting and are the main source of stationary pollution in Bangladesh.

The detrimental impact of brick kilns on the environment has led the government and the World Bank to launch the Clean Air and Sustainable Environment (CASE) Project which includes activities to improve kiln technologies and reduce emissions. Among the Package of interventions is the “Demonstration of New Technologies and Alternative Building Materials – Zigzag Kiln Technology {contract Package # DOE- S09 (a)}.

Under this Package, the first few Activities related to reviewing the recommendations of the study conducted under Package DoE S-8 and to propose changes to the design and practices in existing zigzag kilns. The TOR also required the Contractors to implement these changes by supervising the construction of 7 demonstration plants and training workers to operate the plants. The modifications should target reductions in emissions of around 50% and energy savings of at least 30% when compared to those from FCKs.

The immediate objectives of the Package S-11, “Training and Capacity Building in the Brick Sector - Establishment of a Brick Technology and Information Centre in Bangladesh” were to:

  • propose design and practice improvement of the existing Zig-Zag kiln based on the assessment of the on-going study;
  • develop a model bankable proposal for financing Zig-Zag kiln and facilitate the mobilization of bank financing for 7 demonstration projects
  • pilot the demonstration of 7 Zig-Zag kilns in various parts of the country
  • conduct training of 50 technical persons (Engineer, Fireman, Masons etc) for Zig-Zag design, construction, operation and troubleshooting;
  • prepare knowledge products and systems (i.e., equipment supply chains, consultants etc) to support the dissemination of the improved processes and technologies used.
Funded By:

Clean Air and Sustainable Development (CASE) Project, Department of Environment (DoE), Bangladesh

Implementation Period:

March, 2012 to March 2014 (Extension up to June 2016)