Clean Energy Alternatives Inc.


    Clean Energy Alternatives Inc. (CEA) was formed in 2001 in response to the growing issues related to energy use and its potential impact on the environment. Clean Energy Alternatives Inc. is a registered company in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA. It has a branch office in Bangladesh as well as an affiliated company under same ownership. The main strength attribute of CEA is its history of successful demonstrations of clean and new technologies to Bangladesh.

    CEAs unique and successful approach to these demonstrations focuses mainly on barrier removal to the investment of clean technologies in Bangladesh. For its past projects, this has included identification of economically feasible technologies, finding and working with appropriate foreign partners in the demonstration aspects, sourcing funding from the donor community, private sector and the financing sector in Bangladesh, implementing demonstrations to increase awareness and technical knowledge of the investments, and providing the necessary support for private sector investment into the new technologies.

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    CEA’s primary focus is on promoting and easing the transfer of technology from technologically advanced nations to Bangladesh and other countries worldwide. To do so, CEA’s strategy is to innovate, package and create awareness of alternative choices not only with respect to clean technologies but policy and institutional changes. The underlying promotional strategy being that replication should be commercially and market driven and when necessary through building public private partnerships and policy support. CEA focuses on energy related issues promoting green technologies and end use efficiency programs that reduce use of primary energy resources and carbon intensities of industries. CEA’s major activities includes among others:

    • Consulting: It undertakes on assignment or on its own researching and identifying technologies that are appropriate and that address the needs of local industries; project design and intervention strategies; and training capacity building (backstopping)
    • Project Implementation: Developing complete solutions from concept to final adaptation using a systems approach that encompasses identifying appropriate technologies for dissemination, sharing knowledge among stakeholders, creating buy-ins and designing interventions that achieve desired outcomes.
    • Assess and Prepare Financial & Economic Analysis Documents: Assess investment and financial flows required to bring projects to financing stage; prepare bankable documents including complete feasibility studies for private sector projects and Development Project Proposal (DPP) for government projects.
    • Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation: CEA has organized a number of international and national workshops and seminars aimed at the transfer of practical knowledge and know-how by using the case study approach and to transfer knowledge of findings of interventions undertaken.
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    CEA has extensive experience in working in many sectors of the economy, focusing on the energy spectrum of these sectors. CEA has a team of dedicated professionals that understand the cultural sensitivities and complexities associated with introducing imported or even home gown technologies and practices. They are experienced professionals blending soft and hard skills in ways that can successfully deliver unique and innovative solutions and blending them with buy in from stakeholders. In addition to private industry and government, CEA’s clients include the UNDP, CIDA, DANIDA, GTZ and the World Bank’s Carbon Division. Services include project planning, design and implementation project monitoring and evaluation, project management, capacity building and institutional strengthening. To strengthen project teams, CEA accesses large network of associates, strategic allies and partners. Through a strategic alliance with IIDFCL, a consortium of 13 banks, CEA has access to capital for the financing of small to medium sized projects. It has developed a number of projects in Bangladesh on behalf of US, Canadian and Chinese companies.

    A major partner of CEA is the Xi'an Research and Design Institute of Wall & Roof Materials (XIAN) is based in Xian, China. XIAN is currently the only professional research and design institute with first-class qualifications for design engineering consultancies and engineering contracting for the building materials industry in China. For over forty years, the institute has been working on a number of ceramic and fired products including solid bricks, perforated bricks, hollow bricks, aerated concrete products, “ceramsite”. It has also been involved in the development of over 300 science and research results on utilizing industrial wastes such as coal shale and fly ash to produce fired hollow brick and block. Moreover, XIAN has finished over two hundred brick and tile production lines with output of 10 million to 230 million per year in China as well as in Algeria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, and Russia.

    XIAN’s brick sector work in Bangladesh began in 2003 with the UNDP-GEF project “Improving Kiln Efficiency in the Brick Making Industry”. Their valuable contribution included: assessment of available brick making technologies in Bangladesh; technical assistance in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of a demonstration Hybrid-Hoffman Kiln (HHK); knowledge and technology transfers through workshops and on-the-job training; hosting study tours for Bangladeshi delegations in Xian to view operational Vertical Shaft Brick Kilns (VSBK) and HHKs. XIAN continues to have a presence in Bangladesh with CEA in supporting carbon finance for a program to construct a number of HHKs that will significantly reduce emissions of GHGs and local air pollutants.

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